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Default Re: Moderating of rep comments

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
Nope - we don't. And I strongly resent the implication that we would do something like that. (Not referring to you, LLT).

What I find absolutely mind-blowing, as well, is that I am a regular donator to this site which helps to keep it updated and when I am called out on the carpet, maligned, or my integrity is compromised by false accursations - I AM PAYING FOR THESE PEOPLE TO DO SO!!!
If I'm one of the people you are referring to here, then I apologize.

My questions weren't meant to offend you, or anyone.

Believe me, I'm not looking to offend anyone on the board - ever, but it looks as though I've been stepping my foot in "it" recently and doing just that.

I'm just going to refrain from posting in threads like these and others in the feature, since it seems that I've been causing too many problems on here lately.

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
Does this mean Shea will have to stop using the rec feature like phone sex?

What will we talk about now?

Killer, I don't think I'm ever going to figure you out .........
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