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Default Re: Moderating of rep comments


I haven't posted on here in dang near a month, because I needed a break from this place. I was sick of how people were dealing with each other, and sickened by the fact that I was responding in the same way.

I say that as a precursor to answering what I perceive as the questions behind your questions.

1. The mods here are in a horrible spot. If they let too much go, then they are seen as weak and passive. When they do step up, they then are seen as playing favorites. If they don't let much go, then they are seen as overbearing. In the few years I came in just as it was being clamped down, watched it get passive, then clamped down again, then move to VERY passive over the last year and a half, and now, being clamped down again. Finding that balance is very difficult to do, and is always hated by the half that wants it the other way.

2. about the threads being stopped and reps being monitored (I am not, nor have been a mod--and want to be very careful not to speak for them or put words in their mouths), it is a needed element to break the direction of the board and bring it back the other way. There have been two other times when this board descended into the darkness... the result of one is another board of which we do not speak, the other can be seen in a search on LITP as a mod. See how bad this board got for a while, long before you were here. The mods we have now, know and see where this board is going, and are acting to put and end to it before it gets there.

3. There have been times when I have wondered about people being banned from the site. I have found that a PM, recognizing that its none of my business, but that I am generally wondering what happened, was met with a gracious PM back. Trust me, there are plenty of things that you may not see. If something was deleted from your REP, there is a good chance it was part of a larger pattern the mods saw, and are trying to put a stop to, for the sake of the general board and everyone who posts here.

I have enjoyed posting with you. Hope you take my post in the way intended, and not as a jab at you.
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