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Default Re: Moderating of rep comments

Nope, not taking that as a jab at all Preacher.

And I read this forum for a couple of years before I started to post, so I do know about LITP and the other situation.

And I want to reiterate that the moderating here is the best I've ever come across.

Trust me, I've been a part of some horrible forums, due to the mods, and that isn't the case here.

Heck, just the fact that what happens here is open for questioning and discussion without instantly leading to a ban speaks to how good the moderating is. I've personally experienced instant bans by me and others for just subtely expressing questions and thoughts towards the running of a board. That doesn't happen here, which is a good thing and something I admire.

Although, I perhaps need to express myself in these situations better as to not offend the mods.

That's on me though.

Preacher - I don't personally know you, and don't always agree with you, but have always respected you. Please don't continue to take a step back from the forum.

If you can't accept what's happening now then I don't know how the hell you survived LITP.

Everything is going to be alright around here. And maybe having a man of the cloth around will be needed to get us there sooner rather than later.

Get what I'm saying here? (yes, I've learned - you're part of that cup is Pepsi )
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