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Default Re: Props to JJ

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
dont forget what? that jj and jg are the nascar version of peyton and brady? sounds right to me.

anyways you assumed 100% wrong that i only have these anti cheater viewpoints agains jj. and you shouldnt be so sure about my feelings on tony stewart cause you have no idea. stewart did the EXACT same thing to mike skinner (running him down to the infield and causing a pile-up) in his rookie or 2nd year at daytona. infact they always had run ins on the track. stewart has had numerous run ins with gordon throughout the years. i thought it had ended 2 years back, at california, when rusty was the 4th car stewart had put out of a race, and rusty went up to him after the race and threatened to kick his ass. he cleaned up his act after that but he has big headed, im champion, i can whine to nascar and have them change the rules for me, as i go on and act like an idiot on the track, syndrome. this is a pattern for him and it just isnt on the track. HE needed to be suspended several years ago. he needs to be suspended SOON.

so dont think i speak based soley on some anti driver bias. i know my shit. if i was in nascar i wouldve just been docked 25 points for saying "shit".

you can sum me up as "just a jimmie hater" all you want. i dont care, and my interrest in nascar is alot deeper than that. infact, maybe youre just a jimmie lover so i shouldnt take anything you say on the matter to seriously.
Um, tony... Do you even remember half the shit you post around here?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
lol. just a warning. i like to trash team hendrick about as much as i do the patriots. the gordon comment was just bait. he got through insp. and got the outside pole. (any suprise?) the same cant be said for cheatin' jimmy! now im a rusty fan so i am pretty unbiassed when i say i think it was pretty rediculous of the hordes of fans (many hendrick) who insinuated that dei was getting hot plates.
Do you always go around calling people liars and cheaters when you don't know them personally? Have you never lied and cheated yourself? I've read your posts. You contradict yourself all the time, and change your tune like I change my panties. So don't be giving me some crap that you know your shit. You babble on and on in your posts thinking if you talk around something enough that people will actually believe you and forget what you posted previously. You remind me of George W. Bush. I can see right through George W. and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see through you either.

Have a great day now!
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