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Originally Posted by SteelerzGirl
Um, tony... Do you even remember half the shit you post around here?

Do you always go around calling people liars and cheaters when you don't know them personally? Have you never lied and cheated yourself? I've read your posts. You contradict yourself all the time, and change your tune like I change my panties. So don't be giving me some crap that you know your shit. You babble on and on in your posts thinking if you talk around something enough that people will actually believe you and forget what you posted previously. You remind me of George W. Bush. I can see right through George W. and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see through you either.

Have a great day now!
so are you ever gonna address any nascar related points or are you just gonna dance around them and avoid them, keeping the topic to personal attacks and pseudo psychology? i dont have to know jimmie to know his team got busted cheating.
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