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Default Re: Supa Steeler Journal

Mike Tomlin NFL Kickoff 2009 Press Conference

Mike Tomlin:Good Evening. I felt we played a good effective ball game tonight. I thought it was a great game. Style Points don't matter this was a game down to the wire that we thought it would be, we respect the Titans for the game they put up tonight we realise as defending World Champions each team will be gunning for us, we have something to prove each week we can overcome certain adversity and get back into the playoffs

Question:The game tonight can we tell anything about Troy Polamalu's injury that let to a 2nd quarter crumble?

Mike Tomlin:Troy suffered a bruised skull injury, of course he came back into the game and was a factor all night. It didn't look bad so after the half he came back in. The diagnosis was a throbbing pain, something we will look into next week and see if he can play against the Chicago Bears.

Question:What happened to Rashard Mendenhall, he looked good bursting through the hole tonight. What is his injury diagnosis?

Mike Tomlin:Rashard suffered a bruised elbow and we felt that we needed to pull him out of the game. Willie Parker did a good job.

Question:Why did the run not work and why you ran it only 18 times to nearly 40 passes?

Mike Tomlin:The Titans did a nice job of shutting us down on the run and even the pass, we were forced into a one dimensional team, we need to have better preperation against Chicago and future teams so we can dig ourselves out of the hole and not rely on the defense. The Titans had alot more possesion tonight but i felt our defense did equally good job. A successful night on all three phases of the game.

Question:Your defense had major holes when Troy Polamalu was off the field giving up 90 of the 180 some total yards Vince Young and Kerry Collins threw?

Mike Tomlin:Troy's a special player ya know some stuff he does is surreal and there is no real replacement for him so we had to hang in there, again we need better preperation and i thought overall our defense did a pretty good job just conceding 13 points.

Mike Tomlin:Ya know i hope the Madden Curse Doesn't kick in.

Random Reporter:*Laughs*

Mike Tomlin:Whats funny are you laughing at my boy Troy, you wanna smack?

Random Reporter:No i'm sorry it's just nerves and surprisement.

Mike Tomlin:Well then shut up and get out. I'm sorry there was a slight disruption in the process and please proceed if any questions.

Question:The Titans had 4 redzone attempts to your 1. They only had 1 redzone touchdown was that a big time play by the defense?

Question:Of course our defense stepped up when it needed it was critical at times. I felt when we blitzed it was effective.

Question:On the final drive that led to a 23 yard touchdown to Rookie Mike Wallace who called the plays?7

Mike Tomlin:He recieved the calls from the sideline, when he went no huddle of course it was Ben calling them.

Question:On the development of Mike Wallace

Mike Tomlin:He's a sure thing. A reliable guy still learning he played a great ball game today and we anticipate what things he may be able to do this season as a Pittsburgh Steeler.

Question:What has happened to Limas Sweed

Mike Tomlin:He did not participate tonight due to personal problems mixed in with his work ethnic i though it was best he was dressed but scratched.

Mike Tomlin:Thanks for the questions.
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