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Default Re: Supa Steeler Journal

Mike Tomlin Week 2 Post Game Conference

Mike Tomlin:Good Afternoon. In a bombshell we did not play to our best of ability in all three phases of the game. The rain may of contributed to the turnovers but we must have to be better prepared at ball security and the vision downfield when passing comments.

Question:You got off to a steaming start the first play of the game was a 34 yard pass to Mike Wallace soon afterwards Ben Roethlisberger was not Ben Roethlisberger?

Mike Tomlin:Ben's a great player some have bad days, he had a bad second and third quarter where he couldn't get the ball moving.

Question:How big was the play from Charles Tillman returning a touchdown when their offense did nothing all day?

Mike Tomlin:The two defenses really stepped it up today not allowing a touchdown on either side of the team. He's a great player and our offensive lineman were never going to catch him he just jumped the route and off he went. If he had not caught it Heath could of been off to the endzone.

Question:When Brian Urlacher went off due to injury for a few plays, was that a big loss to the Bears?

Mike Tomlin:Brians a great player, we took advantage of that and Willie ran a nice 26 yard outside run.

Question:Was their miss communicaton when Ben Roethlisberger threw the ball into the endzone and was intercepted?

Mike Tomlin:No there was no miscommunication he just underthrew the ball from Santonio and it ended up dritfting in the rain to their safety. An unfortunate play for us.

Mike Tomlin:Thanks for the questions.

Question:On 22 carries the Bears had 12 yars can you talk us through that?

Mike Tomlin:We just swarmed to the ball carrier Troy did a great effort rushing to the outisde to get him, James did a great job in the middle we kept them one dimensional today which as good, but we unfortunatley lost

Question:Rashard Mendenhall fumbled the ball three times today, 2 rushing 1 passes is that a cause for concern?

Mike Tomlin:We are not going to put the blame on anyones shoulders, today he ran nicely when he had to he had a 5.8 average during the first half and really did a nice job. Of course as i mentioned ball security is becoming an issue with 4 fumbles in two games.

Question:William Gay and Ike Taylor have now shutdown the recievers two games in a row. Are they a good duo in your eyes?

Mike Tomlin:They are good fundamental Cornerbacks so far, Ryan Clark has been helping out Willie and Troy just does his own thing, the best safety in the league, he has sueprnatural instincs and generally the secondary is quite a beast most games.

Question:Was this game hard to swallow, your now third in the division?

Mike Tomlin:It definitley is a tough loss when we outplayed them in every major statistical category, the problems we had today we will need to rectify when we face the Bengals next week.

Question:Will Willie Parker be given the start against the Cincinnati Bengals?

Mike Tomlin:We haven't made that decision yet but again it's something we are exploring, Mendenhall might be a bit busted up so again he may be available or not.

Mike Tomlin:Thanks for your Questions, hopefully we get a W next week.
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