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Default Re: Open your books, Mr. Nutting!

Originally Posted by steelpride12 View Post
I just hate watching that beautiful, best in the league ball park go to waste and watch us Pirates fans suffer as the seasons get harder to bare. I wish the MLB would step in and at least threaten Mr. Nutting or just get rid of him so we can have a new owner come in and take control.
You have to remember who is running the league. Bud "Steroid Boy" Selig is more inept at his job than either Roger Goodell or Gary Bettman. There is no way in hell he will ever step in and force Nutting to open his books or sell the team, because he cares even less about the integrity of his sport than Goodell does. So long as people keep coming to the ballparks and the owners keep making money...and keep being a wallflower for the MLBPA...nothing is ever going to change.

Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
is nutting cheap? yes, would pirates be better with another owner? probably....however the pirates have a plan in place and neal huntington and frank coonley are doing an excellent job, they have restocked the farm system basically with exciting high upside prospects.....there is no need to sign a free agent who wants a lot of money that will block these prospects, im glad there not spending right now
Yeah, we'll see in 5 years when those "prospects" are traded to the Yankees, Mets, Dodgers and Red Sox.

Face it, even if these guys pan out and become good players/stars, Nutting is NOT going to spend the money to keep them here, no matter how many times he says it. He simply cannot be trusted. The only way the Pirates will ever be competitive again is when he is no longer the owner.
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