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Default Re: Supa Steeler Journal

Mike Tomlin Week 3 Post Game Conference

Mike Tomlin:Good Afternoon. i thought we executed well on offense today with throwing the ball and running the ball. On the defense side of the ball we let up over 300 yards which was a dissapointment but we made some big plays on defense.

Question:Mike Wallace caught over 100 yards. How reliable is this youngster?

Mike Tomlin:First and foremost congratulations to Mike, he had an impressive game it's not every day you find a Rookie as reliable as him, he did good congratulations to him.

Question:Willie Parker responded to harsh critisim and really piled up the running yards, will he start next week?

Mike Tomlin:Willie had one of those days where he was just in sync all game. His efforts won't go unappreciated and it may contribute to more sharing of the load. Rashard will most likely be healthy next week.

Question:What is the status of Ike Taylor he was sidelined two quarters with a strained forearm?

Mike Tomlin:He's fine right now he came back in and made a huge play in the endzone.

Question:The Bengals have complained that instead of taking the Quarterback Kneel to end the game you decided to pile up the yards and go for another touchdown your thoughts on the situation Mike?

Mike Tomlin:Steeler football is sixty minutes. Not fifty five we put a hard work effort in, they should of made more effective plays to not give us the ball back. What we did i think is all fair. Unfortunate for them to be the team that they accuse us of padding our stats.

Question:Chad Johnson (Ocho Cinco) has complained that Ryan Clark illegally tackled him and gave him a game ending injury (strained back) and also took our Carson Palmer with a strained back. Your thoughts on this volatile issue?

Mike Tomlin:Man what i saw was a completley hard hitting legal hit, if you don't want to play the game like a man may i suggest you trade in your helmet for shinpads and go play the other code of football. Again it was unfortunate that Carson got injured we weren't flagged for the plays the sack was a lethal throw to the ground, your Quarterback is going to get hit one day, hard as well we don't complain.

Question:In preparation for next Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers what are you going to focus on?

Mike TomlinWere going to do what we been doing all season long so far, correcting our mistakes from the past game and trying to win football games.

Question:Your Team has given up 10 sacks so far, only once against Cincinnati your on par to give up 52.8 sacks your thoughts Mike?

Mike Tomlin:Obviously were going to have to try and block alot better, as the season progresses i am sure that is able to do. We did a good job against the Bengals.

Question:Ben Roethlisberger is on pace to throw for 3696 yards is this Quarterback vastly underrated?

Mike Tomlin:Ben is an elite guy he doesn't care about crowns, we care about wins and Bowl games to be honest.

Question:Mike Wallace is on pace to have 1140 recieving yards and 16 touchdowns, how good a reciever is he?

Mike Tomlin:A reliable one.

Mike Tomlin:Thanks for your questions, hopefully next week we can extend our record to 2-0 on NBC Games this year.
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