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Default Re: How can i post a poll thread

perhaps it is because you portray yourself as nothing more than a joke.

going back in the "way back" machine, just about every post you made woulda been met with "tha rock?".

*this is an insider joke. you will have to do a search of an old member tha rock and read some of his posts, to get it.*

perhaps it is because nobody can understand what you posted or what your dilema was in the first place.

maybe because the simple idea of you posting a pole is considered a joke, considiering nobody would know what the question was or what any of the pole answers were.

shood supa fly post a pole?

1. yet
2. knowe
3. i dont no
4. what is da anwser?
5. how doez u do dis shiznit?
6. oh snap!

dude... seriously... step away from the pole.
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