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Default Re: Supa Steeler Journal

Mike Tomlin Week 4 Post Game Conference

Good Evening. What a great win tonight, that was Steeler football right there viewed in the yes by the Chargers, a hard hitting game.

Question:People thought Willie Parker should of started, yet Mendenhall carried every single ball and got a whole load of yardage?

Mike Tomlin:He played a great game, the tape shows it. Congratulations to him he needed a game like this and he delivered.

Question:Ben Roethlisberger also had a great game you guys are on fire he has thrown 6 touchdowns and no interceptions in the last two games, out of 4 games only 1 game has he thrown a single or a pair of touchdowns?

Mike Tomlin:Ben's an elite Quarterback he doesn't shy away from success he's a winner, he didn't have the best of first halves but soon after got the ball rolling and we started going on some good drives culminating in touchdowns.

Question:Something you stressed back in Chicago about red zone faliures, tonight you had 4 redzone touchdowns, talk us through that?

Mike Tomlin:It was something we needed to work on this year, it pays off if you put hard work into it.

Question:How easy is it to just lay down against teams like Chicago, what's your mentality going forward gainst teams like Detroit and Cleveland, who you play soon?

Mike Tomlin:Our mentality is to win football games, anything short of that is a faliure that we need to correct in practise the following week and execute the same week in the next game.

Question:Would you be happy going into the bye at 5-2?

Mike Tomlin:Yes i would, a 6-1 record would be even better.

Mike Tomlin:Sorry this conference is considerably shorter than most times please forgive me i urgently need to go somewhere else.
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