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Default Re: Supa Steeler Journal

Mike Tomlin Week 5 Post Game Conference

Mike Tomlin:Good Afternoon. I was not pleased with the way we conditioned ourselfes today, we kept getting burned on many big passing plays and it was a huge reason why we should of lost this matchup, i still can't believe we overcame a 24 point defecit but we did and im proud of how the offense did today. Rashard was shut down on the run game but still found away to get open in the passing game. I can't stress how much Ben Roethlisberger saved a few of the bodys jobs today. Questions Please.

Question:How much was a loss was Troy Polamalu and Ike Taylor today?

Mike Tomlin:Oh yeah it was a big loss, anytime you lose those two candidates your going struggle and struggle we did against the Lions. We have to get use to not having Ike Taylor around, he's out for up to another 7 weeks and Troy may be back in time to face the Denver Broncos, that we are unasure of it becomes a daily procedure to see if his tests come back positive.

Question:Mike, you never put the blame on anyones shoulders but it was obvious that Carey Davis did not block well today and Deshea Townsend and Tyrone Carter were not good in coverage giving up nearly 300 of the yards by themselves?

Mike Tomlin:We lose as a team, again changes will come. I tried alternating Keenan Lewis and Joe Burnett where Deshea was before the half, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. We are going to have to go back to the film room and see where the mistakes are and how they can be nullified by next week.

Question:How vital is it that you are better prepared for Minnesota and especially Brett Favre who has thrown for 1254 yards, 10 touchdowns and 1 interception?

Mike Tomlin:Were going to have to play our best against Brett he is a accomplished Quarterback within this league and is playing lights out this year.

Question:You now have the 7th ranked defense and have now given up 300+ straight games after allowing so few during the first two games is there a cause for concern?

Mike Tomlin:I don't think so, we just have to have better preperation when the Minnesota Vikings come to town. Thank you all
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