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Default Re: Is this Homeland Security?

Originally Posted by Suitanim
Some things that need to be clarified:
A) Bush didn't okay this until the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States had already approved it. (And, no, this isn't some shadowy sevcretive agency created by Bush, it was put in place by Gerald Ford)
B) Their decision was not made overnight. It took 3 months of investigation before the committee approved it.
C) Killing the sale actually will make us look bad to some in the World

All that aside, I still don't support the sale, and think that even if Bush veto's legislation barring the sale, Congress will have enough juice to overturn that veto. It's a hot button issue now, and it will give the leadership in the Republican party a chance to show that they are still an autonomous force to be reckoned with.
Okay, Suit... But can we be absolutely, positively certain that Bush wasn't somehow involved and didn't know about the Committee on Foreign Investments' approval? And, if not, isn't it his job as the President of the United States of America to know about it? Just a thought...
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