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Default Re: Is this Homeland Security?

You know, the thing is, I can't figure this isue out, and I'm pretty sure nobody else can either. The press and media are sending out conflicting messages.

For example, the local paper which is very left-leaning supports Bush

And David Brooks, a liberal NYT columnist had this to say

Al Franken had a guy who used to serve on the committee that okayed the sale, and this guy said the committee is a farce and that allowing the sale was a huge mistake.

Sean hannity hates it, but Rush Limbaugh says it's okay.

Anyone see a pattern here? NOBODY knows if it's good or bad. Supposedly, the UAB has secretly been a staunch ally in the war on terror, and also donated 100 million to Katrina relief, so maybe they aren't the bad guys we are making them out to be?

I don't know. I DO think it's interesting that this issue has the ability to not just knock down party walls, but literally CRUSH them! When was the last time Sean Hannity and Hillary Clinton were on the same side defending against Bush who has the support of the New York Times?

It's a great example of how incredibly complex politics in this Country really are and why it's silly to just toe the party line or blindly defend a platform or candidate solely based on party affiliation.
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