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Default Re: Supa Steeler Journal

Mike Tomlin Week 6 Post Game Conference

Mike Tomlin:Good Afternoon. Today we did not anticipate on being below par and as a result at the end of the day looking at a score sheet of losing to the Browns. We did no way associate ourselves with normal game day mentality. We gave up too many yards and did not execute. This season we have been plagued with Inconsistency, something that needs to be fixed next week. Fast. We cannot describe ourselves as a Championship Calibre team and go out and lose to inferior opponents as we did today and nearly last week. I am like the rest of Steeler nation displeased by the Scoreline. Questions would be good right now.

Question:Mike, you just dipped into Free Agency and brang in Travis Fisher, who did a good job today but got injured, what is his injury status, any updates?

Mike Tomlin:He played a good football game, he's been diagnosed with Sprained Elbow that could sideline him for up to 3 weeks, again it becomes a weekly update with tests to see when he is ready.

Question:You have 7 Cornerbacks on your roster. Are you going to have to go out again and bring in another Defensive Back?

Mike Tomlin:It might be a possibility, right now we are going to look at Deshea, Joe, Keenan and Anthony at possibly starting, Ryan Mundy can be involved as well he has played quite well the past few weeks.

Question:Would you really start Deshea against fast guys like Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice and the Cannon Arm Brett Favre posses?

Mike Tomlin:Again it's a confidential thing so i cannot say, We don't have much choice at the moment right now, all our injuries are in the secondary.

Question:The game was rainy will you use that as a contributing factor of why the Steelers lost?

Mike Tomlin:We will not use that excuse, the boys did not come to play today. We are letting bad teams hang around with us instead of finishing them off.

Question:Your only getting 4 third down conversions a game, is their a need of overhaul in the playbook when it comes down to third downs.

Mike Tomlin:We need to work on that, we might be a 4-2 team but we need to get better at things, especially over the bye week.

Question:Is there a possibility Ryan Mundy will start over Tyrone Carter?

Mike Tomlin:No.

Question:Over the past few weeks Rashard Mendenhall and Willie Parker have been alternating. Who will recieve the bulk of the carries against Minnesota?

Mike Tomlin:It's a confidential thing but Rashard Mendenhall is currently the starter.

Question:Describe the loss against the Cleveland Browns

Mike Tomlin:It's obviously frustrating. Were losing guys to injury as well, that does not help.

Mike Tomlin:Thanks for the Questions.
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