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Default Re: nice pick Cowah

I can't wait till after the playoffs when NE fans leave this board...ahem...

?First, its guaranteed not gauranteed. From

guar?an?tee ? ?( P ) ?Pronunciation Key ?(grn-t)
Something that assures a particular outcome or condition:

?Second, the OL is better than ours blah, blah, blah.
If you are saying that by average per rush you are better, then, uh, okay by .1 yards. ?HOWEVER, we rushed the ball 618 times to your 524, or 38.6 times a game to your 32.8. ?That gives us...uh carry the two...roughly 2464 rushing yards to your 2134(Thats three of them there football fields son) ?But since you like averages, that gives us an average of 154 rushing yards a game to your 133. ?So what does this mean? ?When push comes to shove we run not cause we need to, but because we want to. ?We rushed for 134 first downs to your 120 firsts on the ground. ?So when the all trusted measure of moving the chains comes to vote we will hang one lantern in your north church cause we are coming by land.

?Third, If you are saying that we gave up more sacks than you fine. ?But I don't think our O-line forces sacks the last time I checked. ?Besides sacks are a measure of pass blocking and son, pass blocking doesn't get you two pro-bowlers on the same line. ?No one sends you to Hawaii because you can trot backwards against the spin move. ?They send you because you take on the two DL's and free up Krieder to lay a lick on the EA pretty boy allowing a old vet like Bettis to run for 100 yards. ?That is what pays the bills.

?Fourth, thanks for giving this board another reason to show why it is quickly becoming not only the home for the best fans, but the smartest.
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