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Default Re: Official 2010 NASCAR Thread

CRAP CRAP CRAP !!!!!!! My man (#29) had that race won. Was it Kahne that wrecked causing that last freakin yellow just before Happy could get a white flag ? Even after that he was lookin good, pullin away just a bit with a lap and a half to go. What happened ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dayummmmmmmmm

On another note, someone help me out here. Now, I have mad respect for Dale Earnhardt SENIOR. The best that's ever been. He's why I got interested in NASCAR. But Kevin Harvick is why I LOVE NASCAR now. Harvick now has his own number AND new sponsor AND new color scheme. So I mean no disrepect to the Intimidator when I ask WHEN does Happy get to remove the little 3 in the corner of the door above his big 29 ? I mean, it's HIS team, HIS car now, ya know ?

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