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Default Re: Olympic hockey thread

Originally Posted by Shea View Post
Just for you, I will now hope that they will get the bronze.

I just want USA and Canada in the top two.

Gotta admit I had no idea where Slovakia was and had to look at my huge world poster I have up in one of the rooms in my house to find out. Geography isn't my strong suit.
Olympics - entertaining yet educational ......
It was much easier to find when it was all one country (Czechoslovakia)

Anyway, Sid looked real good with Nash and Iggy tonight - that passing play on Canada's 5th goal was just sick. Ah, if only Sid had an Iggy or a Nash playing on his line here in the Burgh...

Russia's up 2-0 and no points yet from Geno, Gonch or Capt. Ug.
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