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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

Yes i totally agree with you on all of this.But you can't be getting crazy and saying things like hymen is a better writer than russo,thats just crazy talk.I know thats just the frustrating showing.As you can not mean that or i really misjudged you-just kidding.But seriously,you can not say comments like that to me,as it takes away from your "yoda" status i have of you.But as i said i agree with you.And yes that person who came up with that storyline should be fired.Unless it was russo than he should just be taken to the woodshed for a little bit and taken off writing for a little while.To steal from hockey,2 minutes,bad writing,put him the box to feel shame.But i find it hard to belive that russo would have written that.Hey did you hear kong has been suspended.And you boy the sponge might be done.See there is always a silver lining my friend.
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I am frustrated right now! I don't know who wrote the Anderson debacle, Russo, Conway or Ferrara. But whoever it was should be fired!!!
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