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Originally Posted by SteelersMongol View Post
Don't care much about the Ravens fans 4 not getting any Ravens McFarlanes. But why would they have 2 give us another Ben? Really. I mean there is just so many our guys that could B perfect choice, like Harrison, Holmes, Woodley, Hampton, Farrior, Ward, & who else.

& the Bus 4 the legends series? I just hope they make a new pose 4 him.

Thanks 4 the heads up news, Mr. Vincent.
IMHO, Ben #5 is just laziness, unless its a new pose. And then, do we really need a Ben #5? Harrison or Woodley are the obvious choices, and they could be repaints of Ray Ray or Ware.

The Bus will be a new pose. Betting Mendy will be repaint of LT series 10 - same look as Mendy. I got a 12" of that LT to do a Mendy throw back.

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