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Yeah,i know i have to redo the stickers.That was the point of the thread.To see if anyone who did customs would do some stickers for me paint on the numbers and name for me.It was not how to put the stickers on it.I do not do customs.I have no clue how to do them.I bought this custom mcfarlane.And i have to redo the name and numbers as they were ruined when they fell off of it.I know on ebay they sell the stickers like the program you suggested.I have no knowledge of how to do it so i was looking for someone to do it for me.
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Sorry Lambert. Yes, I do customs as a hobby but haven't had any decals fall off so I don't really have a remedy. As I pondered how to fix yours, the nail gun came to mind, obviously not as a serious idea. But I ran with it. That was the thought process. I got that image of the boutonniere lodged in my mind, and being of weak character, couldn't resist. Probably should have posted the boutonniere video first but when I saw the M-16 nail gun it was all over.

My advice is to recreate the decals and apply them as new. Everything you need to know to do this is here... Decal tips are at the bottom of the page.
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