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Default Re: Supa Steeler Journal

#2 New York Jets 17 vs 16 #1 Indianapolis Colts
#2 New York Jets 09 vs 23 #1 Indianapolis Colts
#2 New York Jets 17 vs 14 #1 Indianapolis Colts
#2 New York Jets 13 vs 24 #1 Indianapolis Colts
#2 New York Jets 27 vs 24 #1 Indianapolis Colts
#2 New York Jets 13 vs 23 #1 Indianapolis Colts
#2 New York Jets 10 vs 17 #1 Indianapolis Colts
#2 New York Jets 14 vs 10 #1 Indianapolis Colts

Prediction Overall Votes
#2 New York Jets 4 vs 4 #1 Indianapolis Colts

Overall Scoring Average Prediction
#2 New York Jets 15 vs 18 #1 Indianapolis Colts

There is only one thing that is a certainty in today’s AFC Championship Game, there will be a first-year NFL coach leading one of the team’s in Super Bowl XLIV. Either the Indianapolis Colts’ Jim Caldwell or the New York Jets’ Rex Ryan will earn the opportunity to possibly become just the third coach in NFL history to win the Super Bowl in their rookie coaching season.

After that, its anyone’s guess how this game will play out.

The AFC Championship game pits two teams with extremely contrasting styles. The Colts are a pass-happy squad that plays with finesse on both sides of the ball. The Jets are a grind-it-out running squad that plays with a smash-mouth attitude for sixty minutes.

The Jets defense led the NFL by allowing just 189 yards passing per game during the regular season, stunting its opponents with a solid pass rush and terrific man-to-man pass coverage led by All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis. The Colts offense rated second in the NFL in passing offense despite comfortably winning many of its games during the regular season.

While the Manning to Reggie Wayne combination still rated as tops in the NFL, it was the emergence of newcomers Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon that defined their successful season. With an expected Revis-Wayne matchup leaning to the Jets, Collie and Garcon must step up in the spotlight to ensure the Colts success on offense.

Expect the Colts to come out on top. The difference maker will be the seen at the quarterback position. If the Colts can get out to an early lead and push the Jets to pass the ball, expect Mark Sanchez to finally show that he is a mistake-prone rookie and the Colts will cruise to victory.
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