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Default Re: Supa Steeler Journal

Super Bowl XLIV Media Day

Reggie Bush Transcript

On the advantages of using a lot of motions on offense:

“It gives us an advantage to the extent that it is hard for defenses to key in on one person because we are constantly moving guys around, we are shifting, motioning. It can create confusion for defenses when you do that. Tampa Bay Buccaneers were one of the greatest shifting, motioning teams when (Jon) Gruden was (head coach). They created a lot of confusion. I feel like we are kind of similar to that. We create a lot of confusion with our offense and the formations that we run.”

On whether the pictures of him leaving a night club sent a bad message:

“It’s funny because that picture was actually of us walking into the club. They say that we were (leaving the club) at 3:30 am, but the picture they showed was us walking in to the club. That is the way it is. You are under the microscope. Sometimes things get twisted and stories get twisted. People are going to paint it the way they want to paint it.”

On not being the focal point of the offense:

“When I was at USC, I was not ‘the guy.’ I think I got a lot of attention. The athletes that we had at USC, we had Lendale (White), me, Dwayne Jarrett, Steve Smith and obviously (Matt) Leinart, we had some really good players. I wasn’t ‘the guy,’ but I got a lot of attention because of the big plays that I had and the big games that I had. That was a similar style offense as the one I’m playing in now, here with the Saints.”

On whether he is used to all the attention to his relationship:

“Yes. Right now we are used to it. Going into this Super Bowl there are over 7,000 different media outlets down here. Somebody’s going to see me, somewhere. Yesterday we (Kim Kardashian) were at a restaurant and I saw half of the reporters from New Orleans in the restaurant. It is what it is.”

On what type of music he listens to during pregame:

“I love music and it helps me focus a little more. I like to play songs that get me pumped up. I don’t narrow it down to one style of music. I listen to rock n’ roll, rap and a little r&b. I even throw some old school rock in there with some Bon Jovi. I’m a little everywhere.”

Sedrick Ellis Transcript

On how to defend Colts QB Peyton Manning:

“The most important thing is to understand what kind of player Peyton Manning is. Even if you get back there scott free, instead of taking a sack, he’ll go down himself. There are a lot of different factors to consider when trying to take down a quarterback. From the outside looking in, sacks are the most important thing or the most important stat in disrupting a quarterback, but there are a lot of other factors that go in it too, like batting balls, reads, not letting him get two or three reads and being able to put the ball where he wants it. All that factors in to being a good defense.”

On playing against a Hall of Fame quarterback:

]“Just as much as he’s been in this league, he’s human just like everybody else. He makes mistakes just like everyone else, he gets hit, it hurts just like everybody else. We played two Hall of Fame quarterbacks in this playoff stretch. That was my first time on the field with Brett Favre and after the first two minutes of the ‘Wow, I’m playing against Brett Favre,’ it kind of goes away. It’s a motivation factor. If I could sack Brett Favre or Peyton Manning, or Kurt Warner, those are the things you wish your whole life.”

On making it to the Super Bowl during Ellis’s second season:

“A lot of guys go their whole career and never make it. I’m really lucky. We have so many older guys on this team that have played, 10, 12, 13 years in this league and this is their first time getting to the Super Bowl. I’m definitely privileged. You look at these older guys, they don’t let you forget that you may not get back here. We have a coach, Joe Vitt, he’s been a coach in this league for 30-something years and this is his first time going to the Super Bowl. You understand that? When you look at it from that perspective, when you’re a young player, it’s about looking at it from this point. They are not going to have another chance. I may, or I may not, but a lot of these guys will never have another chance.”
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