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Default Re: Supa Steeler Journal

#1 Indianapolis Colts 31 - 24 #1 New Orleans Saints
#1 Indianapolis Colts 44 - 00 #1 New Orleans Saints
#1 Indianapolis Colts 31 - 21 #1 New Orleans Saints
#1 Indianapolis Colts 31 - 14 #1 New Orleans Saints
#1 Indianapolis Colts 28 - 31 #1 New Orleans Saints
#1 Indianapolis Colts 34 - 24 #1 New Orleans Saints
#1 Indianapolis Colts 44 - 34 #1 New Orleans Saints

Prediction Overall Votes
#1 Indianapolis Colts 6 - 1 #1 New Orleans Saints

Overall Scoring Average Prediction
#1 Indianapolis Colts 34 - 21 #1 New Orleans Saints

Obviously the sentimental favorite to win Super Bowl XLIV has to be the New Orleans Saints considering their franchise and fans have suffered through so many losing seasons and so little post-season success. The Saints have never so much as played in a Super Bowl while the Indianapolis Colts have a long illustrious history with five NFL championships under their belt, including four while they were still in Baltimore.

Saints Keys to Winning:

Keep Pressure on Manning - New Orleans' defense battered Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre in the NFC Championship, and they are going to have to knock Manning off his feet a few times as well if they hope to rattle him. They are probably going to have a little more trouble, however, with the Colts' offensive line.

Get an Early Lead - The Colts are at their most effective when they have the lead, so New Orleans can't afford to be trying to play catch up all day. If they are forced into throwing the ball time after time, the Colts' speedy defensive ends will simply pin their ears back and create havoc in the backfield.

Colts Keys to Winning:

Stop the Run - The Saints offense is so dangerous not only because they throw the ball so well, but because their effective run game gives them balance and makes it tough for defenses to key on one area. If the Colts can limit the run, they should control this game.

Don't Let Brees Get Comfortable - Manning may be on a level of his own, but Brees isn't that far behind. And if he has time and space to step into his throws he can get as hot as anyone in the league.
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