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Default Re: Tiger Woods Press Conference

Sorry - but Tiger has sold himself as Mr Perfect on and off the golf course. He has made over half a billion dollars in endorsement deals based on his clean cut image.

IMO the only real aspect of Tiger's life has been his ability to win golf tournaments consistently with his skill and determination. He is entitled to celebrate the success that follows and the half million odd dollars he has earnt in prizemoney, appearance fees and golf associated deals. Good luck doing so.

If you are a sexual pervert then remain single and play the field. Good luck if thats how you want to live. But dont put yourself up on a pedestal and market yourself as something you are not, A pristene perfect family man who has never done anything wrong anywhere / anytime. That was the image rolled out at all times (frauduantly)

The interview was all smoke and mirrors, exactly in the same mould as he has lived his life over the past few years. He really said nothing and achieved nothing more than a token ( completely controlled and artificial) apology to appease the nobody in particular. Pure arrogance.

Stand up. be a man. Tell your wife you are a pervert, let her end the marriage and save her the embarrassment and shame that she will endure being beside you. Pay her what she deserves and continue to pay what you should for the rest of your life. Then go back to living the life in the gutter that you really want to pursue. I wouldnt give a crap about your personal life, just dont ever try to ram your image down our throats again and try to make money out of it. Take your endorsement deals from Nike and other golf related companies because you can most definitely use them better than anyone who has ever lived. But stick the Gillette ads up your coit because you definitely arent " THE BEST A MAN CAN GET" as Gillette likes to tell us.
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