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Default Re: Eart Thomas Radio Interview

Originally Posted by Aussie_steeler View Post
We have 3 options here really.

On our free to air TV we have one channel that plays key games in HD

On our cable TV we get

*ESPN / ESPN HD sunday night and monday night games
*FOXSPORTS which carries NFC day games

Broadcast times are usually begin at 5am, 8am and night games at 11am on Mondays.

I catch the replays when I get home from work.

I usually only get 4 - 5 steelers games a year. We get a helluva lot of NFC east games unfortunately.

we get nbc, thursday night sunday 1pm and sunday 5pm and other primtime kickoffs.

mondays nights are at 1am so i use the internet when the bandwith is really high.

id love to wake up at 5am one day and watch the steelers.

we always get these stupid nfc east games. I watched 9 steeler games this year through t.v. and online and the others i listened through radio :(
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