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Default Re: Tiger Woods Press Conference

I don't understand the animosity with Tiger. He didn't break any laws, he didn't rape anyone, he didn't get drunk and kill anyone, he didn't murder dogs, he didn't shoot himself in the leg, he didn't piss in public (i.e. Reed), he didn't do illegal drugs (i.e. Holmes) yet people are more pissed off about what he did with other consenting individuals. Sometimes the hypocrisy on this board is overwhelming.

Roethlisberger is accused of raping a woman, while i have serious concerns about the validity of that, not a single person has posted publicly about their disappoint with Ben in any manner approaching what Tiger did. I cannot understand the hatred. He played golf and is a savvy and intelligent business man. He never played on some clean cut image, he played on his golf game deliberately keeping his family out of the spotlight. What he does in his private life is his business.

However the true sign of hypocrisy will come when you turn on the TV to watch him win the Masters and mark my word, the ratings will come back. Tiger won't miss a beat.
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