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Default Re: Your Top ?Hated NFL Teams (Steelers Fans Only

[quote author=stormwts link=board=steelers;num=1106546352;start=0#8 date=01/25/05 at 13:26:11]#1 Steelers
#2 Steelers
#3 steelers
#4 steelers
#5 steelers Since,we in New England own you guys,it's easy to hate your team. Another day,another world championship! It's getting kind of silly up here! Win,win,win,win,win.....;D[/quote]

Quit being a sore winner man. AS a fellow Patriots fan, I have to ask where were you in the early 90s? I remember how hard it was to root for the Pats when our home games were never sold out and thus were never on TV. I miss the Old Red Jerseys.
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