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Default Re: Supa Steeler Journal

Training Camp Considered a Success

Starting Places up for Grabs
by Mike Nathan
Special Contributor

The Steelers wrapped up their Training Camp schedule ahead of facing the Bengals in Pre-Season week 1.

"It's surprising were facing a rival during the pre-season i guess for ratings" said Roethlisberger.

He will try to outplay Carson Palmer who's coming off a 5000 yard passing season. But Dennis Dixon will be the main Quarterback taking snaps.

The Steelers could face the Bengals up to four times this year, even five if they had made the playoffs in the 2009 season.

Mike Tomlin on being if selected as the opener against the Saints "Were ready for anyone this year"

Pre-Season Battles

Jamal Lewis vs Isaac Redman
One of these Running Backs will be released whoever falls short of expectations or get's outplayed by the other.

CFL Studs
Derrick Doggett and Renauld Williams will play alot at special teams, it might save them a roster spot.

Earl Thomas vs William Gay
The Texas future start who is playing at Free-Safety may start the season at Cornerback if he outplays his teammate.

Micah Johnson vs James Farrior
In the second half of the 2009 season after leading the AFCN in tackles his performence dipped big time and Lawrence Timmons took over with 91 tackles.
Micah Johnson could push for playing time if he impresses scouts

Pre Season Schedule
Sat 7PM vs Bengals
Fri 8PM vs Rams
Thur 8PM at Lions
Sat 8PM at Jets
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