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Default Re: Supa Steeler Journal

Saints and Steelers chosen as Opener

The 2008 XLIII Champions will host the 2009 Defending Super Bowl XLIV Champions in the NFL 2010 Kickoff Game.

The Steelers will host the Saints, for the first time since it's induction the away team will not host the game, but for the 7th year in a row they will partake in the event.

"It's what we need, we want the defending champs to come into our house for a primetime game, we wouldn't of cared less if we had to go to their house" commented Steelers Quarterback "Were Ready" said Mike Tomlin.

Steelers Pre-Season Record

Bengals Won 19-13
Rams Lost 29-49
Lions Won 16-13
Jets Lost 7-20

17.5 points per game offense
23.7 points per game defense
234.7 yards per game offense

Saints Pre-Season Record
Jets Won 34-17
Raiders Lost 18-24
Panthers Lost 10-13
49ers Won 14-13

19.0 points per game offense
16.7 points per game defense
310.0 yards per game offense
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