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Default Re: Perry Biggerstaff's 2010 NFL Mock Draft

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
Yeah, I think they might look at Thomas too IF he is still on the board. But, I think it will shake out that Anthony Davis is the 2nd or 3rd OT taken...while Trent Williams is the 4th or 5th taken.

Anthony Davis is a big kid, with long arms and outstanding feet for such a massive young man. Rutgers used him to pull on running plays to the right side from his LT position(that is pulling 3 holes over ). You dont use kids on a long pull like that if they cant make it in time.....Anthony Davis does it well.

I would not be unhappy with Davis, but think he might be gone in the top 10. He is that good of an OT!!! But then again, look what happened to Oher.
I saw some pretty good games by Williams and was big on him for awhile...but I began to notice a funky kick-slide that makes me worry about his ability to seal off the edge.
If that can be corrected, I wont be dissapointed in Williams at #18...but i dont want a tackle that gets his feet crossed while making contact with a DE.
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