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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

ULTIMATE-I am happy to read that you thought the same thing i did about that angle/anderson segment.And just like you the first thing i said when angle started with that was "seriously"?.And like you i was laughing at how anderson just flipped it on him.That was great.It showed his talents that he was able to flip it back on angle and have it play that good doing it.Yes,for sure he is the best heel in the buisness today.Not sure whats going on with that hogan/abyass thing.That just confused me.And i also have never really liked him as i awlays thought he just ripped off mankinds gimmick.And as far as the hogan bischoff thing you might be right as that could work good as a storyline.At least they would make it interesting and not the same old that that other wrestling has been doing for year.Putting over the same people with the same routines.I mean every match is the same with most of them.I hear that the main event for that march 8th show-hogan vs flair???
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Lambert, I thought this Impact was ok, but certainly not great. One interesting thing was the little riff between Hogan and Bischoff. I would love to see that develop into a storyline. Hogan vs Bischoff has a lot of possibilities and would be could go over well if done properly. As far as the Angle-Anderson segment..when Angle started talking about the troops and crying, I was thinking "really?". Angle is a legend in the sport, but he isn't what he once was, and I feel like they're looking for anything they can to get him over right now. As far as Anderson, his reaction was great! I laughed my ass off. I don't know that anyone could've pulled that off with humor and sarcasm the way he did! I agree with ya Lambert, that the WWE didn't use him correctly. The best thing TNA is doing right now is putting Anderson over as a heel, and he may very well be one of the best heels in the business right now!!! I wish Chris "Abyss" Parks would become a full time member of the creative team and help with the writing. That's where his real talents are, not as a wrestler. I've never liked his ring character, it's just a poor ripoff of Foley's Mankind.
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