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Default Re: Patriots...America's Team??????

Originally Posted by hardwork
I still don't see anything about the media, or Brady. And it's you people in here who are putting up pics of Rothlessburgher with a ring, not the press. I've never seen such BS out of a group of fans that root for a team that hasn't done anything. When all is said and done you might as well have been 1 and 15 last year. In fact you'd have been better off. You would have gotten a better draft pick.
You must be smokin some good ganja my friend to think that we the fans are the only ones heaping praise on big ben. have you watched ESPN or the NFL network lately.. Ben is all the rage and rightfully so.. but dont think for 1 second that the media and the pats fans dont sing the praises of brady and company every chance they get. gimme a break!

when all is said and done, we are still 1-1 last year against you, we still went 15-1 in the regular season, the ONLY afc to ever do that, we still have the rookie of the year, the number defense and the #1 running game. so dont go thinking we have nothing to look forward too.

yes we didnt win the big dance, but for a rookie QB to come in like he did in the 2nd game of the season, thats pretty damn good too!
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