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Default Re: News Around the NFL

Originally Posted by hardwork
You're right to in that he can't carbon copy the Patriots. But, Romeo knows that also.
What has to be done in Cleveland is that the entire franchise, fans, press, etc., has to begin to see that team do things to other teams that they are only used to seeing done to them.
There has to be a total reversal. One way to do that is to bring in a player, or two, who plays with a completely different attitude, and with a completely different style. It's like shock therapy. All of a sudden everybody is seeing an experienced player who hasn't been contaminated by the situation in Cleveland. Then you begin to see other players thinking, hey, wait, we can do this to.
Now, is Law ideal for that role? No. He isn't a great looker room leader. But, if healthy, he's so good on the field, it may not matter.
Then, after a few years of using that method, Romeo's draft picks, and free-agent pick ups, will begin to represent the mold he wants to go forward with.
This is the point. With Cleveland you can't do it this way. New coach fro NE. New player from NE. All those Browns players are sick of seeing anything NE related. While glad to see Romeo, I'm sure he doesn't wear his rings around the complex. Its too much, too fast. Esp. since Law is rehabbing. You are telling me a Law on rehab is better than say the Browns incumbant CB#2? That is basically what he is saying. The guys he has are not good enough. What would have happended to Del Rio if he had brought a bunch of Ravens down there? He has to take the pass on Law or else he is just throwing Law a bone, and his coaching pedigree out the window. And if Law is so good, why isn't NE keeping him? Romeo was par t of the group that said he wasn't good enough for NE, oh wait but he's the best thing since sliced bread in Cleve? As a Steeler fan I hope it does happen then blows up big. As a manager/chef, I see it as trouble. Agree to disagree if you like.
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