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Default Supa's Mock Draft

Supa Fly Steeler's Mock Draft Version 1.0

My First Mock Draft Ever. I hope you guys like it. I added detail into why teams would want their prospect.

1 - QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame

The Rams are going nowhere at the moment an embarrasment to once what was hailed "The Greastest Show on Turf" Like the Lions they will need a Quarterback to Resurrect that once high flying offensive team as a nice compliment to Steven Jackson.

Sam Bradford could be taken here but since his last season's injury the Rams pick the safe pick.

2 - DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska

The Lions got their Wide Reciever a couple of years ago, they got their Quarterback last year and this year they will pick the Face of the Defense which will anchor the defense for many years to come.

3 - DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma

They really need Eric Berry, but they really need a defensive enforcer up front. It starts with Gerald McCoy in which some view as the best Defensive Tackle of the Draft.

4 - OT Bryan Bualaga, Iowa

New Coach Mike Shanahan will want to see what he has in Jason Campbell before drafting a Quarterback next year if necessary (Jake Locker). They need Campbell to stay healthy by taking arguably the best Offensive Lineman of the draft.

5 - OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma State

Charlie Weis and Todd Hailey are offensive masterminds, with protecting Matt Cassell and allowing Feature Back Jamal Charles to get even better this would be a neccessary option.

6 - RB C.J. Spiller, Clemson

It's a no brainer. They need a Running Back. They haven't had one since Shaun Alexander left, and as a result no running game no playoffs no bandwagon fans to by from shops. This speedster reminds you of Chris Johnson minus a little of the speed, the dreadlocks and the selfish attidue. A nice and needed pick by the Seattle Front Office.

7 - DE Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech

Alot of people think Joe Haden will be selected by the Browns i beg to differ. There Offense was porus the past years but so where there defense. Well how do you build your franchise? By beating your rivals first. They will draft a pass rusher to counter attack Jared Gaither and the Steelers Offensive Line with a predictable offense on third downs. It's not the best pick at pick seven, but it's a necessary one that could do well in the future.

They might want Eric Berry but they really need to get pressure to Ben Roethlisberger, Carson Palmer and Joe Flacco who have above decent linemen who will tear you up through the ground game or air. A pass rusher may prevent this but a Eric Berry the Browns will still get run all over.

8 - LB Daryl Washington, TCU / CB Joe Haden, Florida (Whoever runs the faster 40 yard time more impressively per position)

The Owner is an Idiot. The Raiders are the hardest to pick for their notoriously surprising picks. A linebacker they need and a fast one they get. They good plan for an offensive tackle or defensive end.

But he may go with the Joe Haden and try to trade around Asomaghua because of his overpriced Corner.

9 - OT Anthony Davis, Rutgers

An unusual amount of Offensive Lineman have already been chosen but this is necessary with the loss of Jason Peters. They suffered and this will fix that need.

10 - WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State

Eric Berry is hugely considered for Brian Dawkins replacement but they need to get rid of the bad smells in the Locker Room. With Brandon Marshall finally parting ways they pick his replacement.

11 - OT Mike Lupati, Idaho

They need help.

12 - OLB Jean Pierre Paul, South Florida

As much as they would want Rolando McClain he is a waste of a pick. With the Release of Joey Porter and Jason Taylor getting old they are in deep shit. They need a new coverage and pass rushing linebacker. He's the man the Dolphins need.

13 - FS Eric Berry, Tennessee

The 49ers select the guy they need.

He fell really? Not really based on what teams needed before hand he would be a non factor to there ongoing problems at being a bad team but also not really needed. Sure the Bills could of drafted him but there Offensive Line would still be ****ed Up Beyond All Recogniton.

How did Berry fall this far? Ask Ed Reed who was far better in college. He lasted till the 24th Pick. Darrelle Revis to the 14th and Michael Griffin to the 19th. Safeties arn't the guys you normally draft in the top 10. Sure they can turn into the top defensive players but you want to build up beginning up front with DT's and Linebackers.

14 - FS Taylor Mays, USC

This is a no brainer The Coach who watched the Young Stud workout in his massive sweaty six pack each day and run 4.3's will pick the guy he believes in. After all they do have a good linebacker in Tatupu and Mays has proven he can play well behind good linebackers.

15 - MLB Rolando McClain, Alabama

Releasing their leading tackler for three straight seasons and defensive leader puts a big question mark on who can step up in the Linebacker Spot. NOBODY!

They may want Earl Thomas or Eric Berry or Mays but they don't need them. With Johnson and Philips back at safety they both are a good tandem again. They only gave up 199.8 yards per game during the 2008 season together, like the Steelers they lost one and went shit. The difference is is that the Giants Safety tandem are young unlike the Steelers who are both in the 30's.

16 - DE Carlos Dunlap, Florida

Vanden Bosch is not getting any younger and they missed Haynesworth. They will draft a playmaker who they hopefully place their trust and skills in that can repeat these two veterans careeer.

17 - OT Trent Willaims, Oklahoma

With Alex Smith emerging as the Starting Quarterback and clear future for the 49ers giving up 40 sacks is not the way to go.

This will help fix that pass protection problem and also give Frank Gore better running lanes.

18 - CB/FS Earl Thomas, Texas

Man Dick Lebeau just came in his pants with this pick still left on the board. Ryan Clark is getting older and the Steelers have a huge hole left at Cornerback. He would be ideal at the Corner position for 2 years before moving back to Safety.

The Steelers previous Cornerback Bryant McFadden was just as bad as Ike Taylor at getting interceptions his highest amount ever were 3. Earl Thomas will fix this problem.

Second Half of the Draft will be revealed later on...
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