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Default Re: Olympic hockey thread

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
Trust me, you don't. Bettman is every bit as bad as Goodell is. This is the man who has presided over not one, but TWO lockouts, 4 teams relocating, the wildly unsuccessful Southern expansion into hockey hotbeds such as Atlanta, Miami and Nashville, the pussification of the game on the ice, ridiculous rules changes, inconsistent and unfair discipline...and the "glowing puck." There's a reason why the man gets booed everywhere he goes.

That said, I also understand the points he has made about the problems the teams are facing during the Olympics. This will be something that will be discussed in the next CBA, and there's a pretty good chance that you'll see amateurs in the Olympics again. The Russians might not be too thrilled about that, though, considering the next Winter Games are in St. Petersburg.
I forgot about that whole glowing puck thing! How stupid. And I know what you mean about the Southern expansion-----I lived in New Orleans for almost 20 years and they didn't even report hockey news during the Stanley Cup series---now I'm in Alabama and most of the people here would rather watch Bass Masters Pro Series than sit down and try to watch a Hockey game. There is no market here and there never will be.
We shall see what happens, but I think you're right about the league pulling the pros out of the Olympics
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