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Default Re: Olympic hockey thread

Originally Posted by Shea View Post
When things got chippy at the end of the game, I realized that I haven't seen any fights during the Olympics??

I'm assuming that fighting isn't allowed in international play, maybe?

I also like that it's mandatory that every player wear a visor unless they were born before 1975 (I think that's the rule) and wish the NHL would adopt the same policy. It's such a dangerous sport and the player's faces are the most vulnerably unprotected areas on their bodies and an area where a catastrophic injury can occur. I want to see them all wearing visors.

Also, I'm not sure about how I feel about the rule of being able to decide who takes the penalty shot? That was strange to see the other night, yet it is a bit more exciting to see your best player in that situation.

Thoughts?? Anyone?...........
Fighting is not allowed in international play. You get a major + game misconduct and an automatic one-game suspension. As important as this tournament is, nobody can afford to lose a player for even a game. If this were an NHL game, there would have been several fights, guaranteed.

As for visors, I'd rather keep it optional at the NHL level. They know the risks involved, and if they don't want to wear one, they should have that choice. I also think that if you wear a visor and you fight, you should take your helmet off. Having a visor on in a fight gives you an unfair advantage over someone who doesn't. Besides, if fighting is part of your game, you probably shouldn't be wearing a visor anyway.

I didn't see the penalty shot thing, but I heard that Nash didn't take it even though he was the one who drew it. I thought it was automatic that Nash would get it, but then again, I don't know all of the international rules.

Originally Posted by Borski View Post
Whooo Slovakia Wins!
Pretty big upset there! Canada's road to the gold medal game just got easier, because I think Canada will easily handle Slovakia. Sorry Borski!
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