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Default Re: News Around the NFL

I agree with ICC.

Crenell can't bring his old players from NE to Cleveland.He brought Andruzzi over,fine,the Browns O-line NEEDED Andruzzi.But he can't just start bringing in guys from his old team,it won't work.It's plugging holes,and that'll make people NOT wanna come to the team in the future.

However,bring Law in would have it's advantages.Law knows Romeo's system,and can teach it to the Browns players.He's an excellent CB,and I am sure the secondary in Cleveland can learn some things just from watching him.Though I don't think he can shut down a side of the field,I think a QB would still be timid to throw to his side of the field.

But,like I said before,I think it's a bad idea.Like ICC said,the Browns need thier own identity,not New England's.

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