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Default Re: Olympic hockey thread

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
As for visors, I'd rather keep it optional at the NHL level. They know the risks involved, and if they don't want to wear one, they should have that choice. I also think that if you wear a visor and you fight, you should take your helmet off. Having a visor on in a fight gives you an unfair advantage over someone who doesn't. Besides, if fighting is part of your game, you probably shouldn't be wearing a visor anyway.

I get that it's needed to police the players but it still makes me cringe. Taking off the helmets of those who have visors during a fight is more dangerous though because they sometimes fall when pounding each other and come dangerously close to cracking their noggins wide open on the ice.

I guess me loving the fact that the women wear full face protection wouldn't fly either?

Originally Posted by SteelMember View Post
Funny when the announcer said the Russians were never in it, and that they brought their "Euro-trash game".
Milbury is catching alot of heat for that comment, not sure he cares though.

I just wish he and Roenick would get back to annoying each other to the point that when watching you'd think they'd start hitting each other, like it was in the beginning.

Originally Posted by Indo View Post
UH, Shea, I just realized this----

You gotta change your avatar for the Olympics!
Those boys are THE ENEMY right now (especially the one on the left)

(and then change it right back After the Olympics)
Since the games are in Canada, I'm kinda rootin' for that guy on the left .........
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