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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

I just got doen watching this weeks tna show.And yet another dissapointment to me.I think i am just expecting too much from them.I just would olike to see a differant kid of wrestling show.And it really isnt.Its just the same show i have seen before being redone now.I guess i would love to see and expecting to see freah ideas and new storylines that have not been done before.And get beyond the obvious storylines and more important the silly storylines like the one with mick right now.I get it eric is playiing with him.And its not bad enough you are doing one storyline like that but two of them as its the same with jarrett,is just wayyyyy to much for me.And is it "abyess" or "the abyess",as i always thought it was just "abyess".Anyway you say that charector is just annoying to me.But then like i have said i have never liked him.And for all the people that hogan could have personal put over why the heck would you choose him.And i can not say how upset i am that its the 2nd week in the show without "the beautiful people".They have way too many people on the roster and not enough show for them.I mean daffeny gets on but not velvet-come on.And again mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr anderson.........wait for it.........saves the show for me,even though of course did not like the outcome.............anderson.
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