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Default Re: 2010 Winter Olympics

Apolo Ohno got hosed tonite, that's all there is to it. In the final of the mens 500m, coming around the last turn, he put his hand on the hip of Tremblay (Canada). This happens all the time in shorttrack. Though Tremblay took a spill, it didn't look to me like the hand on the hip had anything to do with it. I waited to see if Ohno would be DQd. However, I just knew that if he was DQd, they'd also have to DQ Hamelin (Canada) too. Coming around that same last turn, he had a hand on Sung (Korea) who also went down. Crossing the finish line, it was Hamelin first, Ohno second.

So. The judge goes to the monitor to make a ruling. I watched the replay several times. The same replay that showed Ohno with a hand on Tremblays hip showed Hamelin actually wrapping his arm around Sung and basically pushing off which is what caused Sung to fall. So. I'm expecting TWO DQs, right ?

Nope. The judge DQd Ohno but apparently overlooked the blatant wrap around take down of Sung by Hamelin, so Hamelin keeps the gold.

By the way, the judge that made the call was Canadian.

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