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Default Re: Top 5 Most Hated Teams

1. Cleveland Browns-living in Ohio means you have to deal with fat, ugly idiotic Browns fans who are rude, arrogant, and classless. They beat the Steelers one time in 13 tries and act like they won the Super Bowl, but get very hostile when you remind them their team will never amount to anything. Most Browns fans immediately will run there mouths as soon as they see you wearing the Steelers logo.

2. Cincinnati Bengals-another Ohio team with obnoxious fans, but they only appear once every 5 years when the Bungles have a winning record. Bengals fans are fairweather and only show up during the good times. Who dey? When the Bengals are losing, it's more like where dey.

3. Baltimore Ravens-scumbag Ray Lewis should be in prison. Only morons would idolize a man such as him. I'm just glad I live far enough away from Baltimore that I never have to deal with their fans.

4. New England Patriots-bunch of dirty cheaters. The media loves Belicheat and Tom Brady, but everyone outside the NE hates them. I hope they never win another Super Bowl.

5. Dallas Cowboys-the most overrated team in the NFL today.
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