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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

I hate to do it but i have to disagree with you about the bischoff statement.As you can not put this all on him.There are alot of hands in the creative cookie jar right now.But i also have to agree with you as this weeks show was another step back for them.And yes,way too much back stage drama being shown.As i said they should do something new and fresh and just not the same things they have already done.I dont mind the backstage storylines but flip the darn script and do new storylines and new angles and different drama.Not the same old been there saw that kind of thing.It's really stale storylines and the same old that got me to stop watching that other brand of so-called wrestling.I mean mic work is important in wrestling today so only have people good at it do it.And abyss or as ric flair calls him-the abyss (sorry i have been mis spelling his name) is not good at it and that whinning makes me turn the channel as you said its just stubid they made his charector into a whinning "bad word".And seriously as mic work goes stop having hernandez talk as he is proberly the worst ever.Wow,the segmant with him and mogan (who also needs work in the department) was just brutal for the ears.They need to bring something different to the table to beat that other company and the same thing with a different name is not going to do it.
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I was watching last nights show too. And it was a disappointment. Way too much back stage drama and not enough ring action. If they truly want to succeed and overthrow the WWE, then they need to let the talent work in the ring and not on the mic.

Bischoff is going to kill the company before it gets going and before it can even compete against Vince. They definitely need to straighten things out. As for Abyss, I don't mind Hogan putting him over, but a man that big never should have been turned in to someone who was afraid of his shadow. I mean really isn't an abyss suppose to be dark and scary?
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