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More on the Leopold trade


"To get a guy who plays against the other team's top line, a guy who skates like he skates, joining and supporting the rush, going back for pucks, and a guy who moves the puck like he moves it is a unique opportunity to add to your team, whether it's now or in the summer time. That's what we think we're getting and I think that adds to our defense. That adds to the way we want to play. You're also getting a guy that went to the Stanley Cup Final. i think it says a lot that Calgary re-acquired him after that. I think is what you're adding to the back end and to the team."

"I don't need to see him in practice to have an idea of where he's going to fit in. We haven't had that conversation in the coaching staff. That will play out with his assignments and where he falls once he gets here and gets on the ice. I've seen a fair bit of him in the last couple weeks."

"Jordan Leopold played against Alex Ovechkin every shift last time Florida played Washington. When his coaches decided who plays against the other team's top line, it was Jordan. That may not be the case for us. ... I think we're getting a guy that can defend well. He may be in situations against other teams' best players and best lines, or second best lines with different teams and different scenarios. ... I think we're getting a guy that will help us defend against the other teams' good players. He's proven that and has been counted on to be that for his team this year."


"Contracts play a huge role in any deals being made right now. Teams have to be very careful with guys that have existing contracts moving forward. You're living in the cap world. I think what you're seeing now four or five years into the salary cap, I think your a seller then you're in great shape. If you're a buyer, there aren't a lot of pickings. That's a byproduct of the salary cap. There is a lot of parity in the league. Not a lot of teams are selling right now so the prices for players are relatively high. I'm not complaining because I'd rather be a buyer than a seller. That's just the reality of the situation with the salary cap."

"If you're the Pittsburgh Penguins, I'm not really that interested in trading players off our team becasue I'm trying to strenghthen it, not weaken it."

"The Leopold deal, we're fine cap wise. This was to strengthen our defense, which I think we needed to strengthen a bit. Right now we have eight NHL defensemen. Last year we went to the Final and won the Stanley Cup with eight NHL defensemen, and all of them played in the playoffs. It's important to have. We'll see what happens by Wednesday. Right now there are no cap implications. We're fine there."

"Dan (Bylsma) has a lot of input. I talk to Dan regularly. I think it's important to do. We have to be on the same wave length. He has to understand what I'm trying to accomplish in terms of what our assets our, where we are with the cap, but I also have to know what areas he and the coaches think we need to improve upon. That's a constant dialogue throughout the year. It's no different than when Michel Therrien was here. I think it's important to be in constant communication with your coach and making sure you're on the same wave length for any deal that you do."

"From our meetings and talking to our coaches, our first priority was to try to add a defenseman. Since Saturday I've been active trying to do that. I was more of a caller trying to see the value for players, who was going to be available and what the cost was. Once we established that, we've got Jordan Leopold now, we'll see what's out there. Maybe it's a minor league deal, maybe it's no deal at all, but we want to be in the mix of things and see what's out there."

"With a guy like Leopold, you look at who they're playing against. This is a guy that's played against good players, whether it's Ovechkin or other guys. That's what he's done. When you're playing 22 minutes a game, as he was in Florida, you're going to get those assignments. They've got a few other guys that did that. Leopold was one of the guys. He's one of their top penalty killers. He wasn't playing as much on the power play but he still has seven goals. He's a guy that can skate, move the puck, he's got good NHL experience. I think for our group transitionally and not spending as much time in our end, I think that will be an important addition."

"This deal helps us solidify the back end."
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