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What I meant was, the USA doesn't put most of it's focus on hockey compared to Canada, where hockey is life. I understand the talent we have in the junior's, that's why I said "sooner or later". The majority of kids in our country grow up with footballs, basketballs and baseball gloves in their hands, not skates and hockey sticks for a few reasons.

1) Hockey is damn expensive to play (I started when I was four on ice). It's not a cheap sport to play.

2) We don't have nearly as many ponds and rinks as you could find in Canada (although that is changing). With the exceptions of the New England states, Michigan, New York state and the Dakota's it's kind of hard for hockey to catch on. You won't see many players being spit out of California or Florida and many other states.

3) It's a Canadian sport. I'm sure baseball is not huge in Germany or France. Much like other countries, we tend to stick to our own sports. The media tends to prove that. How often does FSN or ESPN focus on soccer or hockey? That is also changing (not with the media though), but it takes time.

4) The marketing of the sport in this country is horrible. The NHL has been guilty of this for years. It's PR is horrible in my opinion. With the exception of Lemieux and Gretzky, your average American doesn't not know these players. The Sidney Crosby reebok commercials are the only hockey commercials I have seen in the states for years. Also, If your average American wants to watch a game on TV, he or she is going to tune into OLN of all channels? Once again, horrible marketing.

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