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Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
None of that is going to make HTG happy, because Gonchar is by far and away her favorite player. But I've said before that if he insists on asking for $6 million a year, which he says is market value, then he can take his services elsewhere. I love Sarge and I truly do appreciate all he's done for the team and for Geno, and is as great a human being as you can find. But this is a business, and the Pens simply cannot afford to pay him that much money in a long-term deal. He has to be willing to either accept a short-term deal for more money or a lesser amount over a longer-term deal. There's no other way it's going to get done. The Pens have to think about the best interests of the organization, and risking having a $5 million or $6 million cap hit on a retired player (Gonchar would be 40 at the end of a 4-year deal - certainly retirement age) even for one season would cripple the team. Also, at the end of those 4 years, Crosby's contract will be up, Staal the year before, and Malkin the year after. They will need all of the money they can get if they want to keep all 3 of those guys.
Damned straight I'm not happy. He's not only my favorite Pen - he's my favorite Pittsburgh athlete of all time, which includes the Pirates, Pens and Steelers.

While I agree that $6 mil per season is pretty far-fetched, he is certainly more than worthy of receiving a 3 or 4 year contract at 4 - 4.5 mil after all he has done for this team and organization and how vital he is to the team's future success. I see Serg playing AT LEAST 4 more seasons barring serious injury. If Shero thinks GoGo or Letang are going to make a hair on Serg's cute hiney anytime soon, me thinks he's going to be in for a very rude awakening.

WAKE UP SHERO - this is one guy you just can't afford to let go.

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