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Originally Posted by SteelCityMom View Post
Dang...the fans in Pittsburgh obviously were not happy about Sid getting the winning goal against the US. I'm pretty sure I heard a lot of boo's when they showed the replay before announcing Sid's name. Not cool people...not cool.

All that aside...LET'S GO PENS!!!!
I heard that too, and was very disappointed in that lack of class and appreciation for one of our own - our captain! I shouldn't be surprised, though - XT can tell you how many classless fans we encounter when we're at the games. Dollars to donuts sez these ignoramuses didn't even know that Pittsburgh had a hockey team until the 2005 season.

I heard boos when Lindy Rupp's name was announced, too, which was just plain ignorant.

What I really loved, though, was hearing the loud cheers and applause when Ryan Miller's name was announced to the crowd and he seemed genuinely touched by his reaction from the runway.


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