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Default Re: 2010 Spring Training Thread

Looking forward to watching the Pirates on the MLB network today, Maholm and Ohlendorf are set to pitch i think an inning each. Dont know about the hitters but i noticed that the Pirates dont usually take any regulars on the road with them, would be awesome if T. Sanchez played.

And XT, ill say the same about Alvarez i said about Cutch last year, This makes sense- both money and baseball sense. First off we delay a year of arbitration by doing so. Second, well lets face it, Pirates arent going to break the streak this year. Instead of letting him go through a whole season of that, let him build his confidence in the minors and then while he is hot move him up. Could be a fresh breath of air to a struggling team.

It dont matter anyways, even once Alvarez and Tabata get up and start playing it wont matter we arent gonna be a winning team until we get a BONAFIDE number 1 pitcher (which Ohlendorf, Maholm, Duke arent and Lincoln wont be) I think Lincoln could be a top of a rotation guy but not a 1
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