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Default Re: Retro Uni's?

Originally Posted by Stillers#1
The ones they wore for the 75th NFL ann.? Those looked terrible. I really dont think the difference in uniforms is big enough for them to make seperate uni's. That is usually done only for merchandising. I heard rumors of Gold jerseys instead of black, like the Eagles do black instead of green. I can't substansiat this though.
Hola Steelers fans!!! I am new here. I grew up in Camp Hill, PA about 10 minutes from Harriburg, and sadly I now live in Ohio. Still, I will ALWAYS root for my babies, the STEELERS!!! WHOOOO HOOOOO! Anyway, I wanted to say that I do hope to see the Steelers try an alternate gold jersey even for just one game, it would look cool (IMO). I really like this site and again, hola amigos!
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