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Default Re: Bode Miller: Biggest All-Time Olympic Bust

Originally Posted by Hawk Believer
I better start practicing with a cowbell to prepare for 2010 in Whistler.

So if you go to a competition, do you reccomend watching it down at the bottom where most people are or somewhere up on the course? I am guessing that its more fun to watch on a steep corner section up top.

Yeah, climb up the side of the course and catch them in a steep section where they're really bookin'. You can hear them coming before you can see them, then they careen on by. It's amazing. Years ago I watched the FIS downhill tryouts at Wildcat Mt. in New Hampshire. They used the Wildcat trail which is steep, narrow, windy, and icy. This was before they used netting on the side of the course. Jesus, those guys were putting their lives on the line. It's a true blood sport.
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